La Casa Gialla (PN)

by Clara Galanti
La Casa Gialla (PN) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

In Prata di Pordenone, immersed in a green oasis of maple trees and fragrant flowers, La Casa Gialla with its suggestive outdoor area is the perfect place for lovers of welcoming homey atmospheres and attention to detail.

Like an unexpected surprise, La Casa Gialla hides from the eyes of those who arrive, protected by a cloud of very tall maple trees that create a natural shady shelter for its large and romantic outdoor area. Surrounded by an always perfect English lawn, this place tells a beautiful story of family and hospitality, now in its third generation.

Inaugurated in the nineties by Sara‘s father, now owner of the restaurant together with her husband Daniele and daughter Chiara, La Casa Gialla brings with it the memory of the convivial tradition that has always been lived at home, between parties and joyful dinners with lifelong friends , combined with Sara’s love for beauty and décor, who for years has managed an interior design studio together with Daniele.

La Casa Gialla (PN) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets
La Casa Gialla (PN) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

What makes the difference to our customer is that here they always feel welcomed just like in the family.

(Sara Furlan, owner)

After a few years of external management, in 2017 La Casa Gialla was taken back into the hands of the family and, thanks to Sara’s passion for the search for vintage objects and furnishings, it underwent a decisive restyling which gives it the very romantic current style, also embellished by the refined taste of her daughter Chiara.

With the support of the Triestine architect Rosario Zoccano, who shares the owners’ passion for travel and period atmospheres, the place is personalized with soft colour touches, rustic furniture and lots of period details. Objects unearthed in markets around the world, like magazines from the early 19th century, candlesticks, tins and brocanterie that accompany English fabrics and Provençal tables.

La Casa Gialla (PN) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

The cuisine is a hymn to the seasons, with recipes that change every day based on the chef’s imagination and the best products available. From the Altamura bread sail with smoked San Daniele trout, to the low-temperature cooked girello with diced melon, marinated asparagus and mint mayonnaise, just to name a few.

The focus is on the freshness of the raw material with an eye to farms and km0 suppliers. Everything is homemade, from the tagliatelle pasta prepared fresh every day, to the bread and desserts. Even the edible flowers that decorate the dishes are grown in the family garden. Also present on the menu are many vegan and vegetarian options, created to meet the needs of a contemporary public attentive to taste.

La Casa Gialla (PN) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

The wine list, followed by Daniele, tells of a territory with a great winemaking tradition through a selection of the best niche wineries in Friuli Venezia Giulia and Slovenia, as well as including the great regional and national classics.

At La Casa Gialla styles change and generations follow one another but everything has always spoken the same language. That of love for things done well and for the small attentions that one reserves for one’s closest friends and, for good reason, make a difference.

The Secret

In the final part of the porch you can see huge and curious columns that support the canopy. These are tuff sculptures created by an artist and purchased by Sara’s father during a holiday in Puglia and, therefore, placed in the room on the occasion of the first inauguration in the 1990s.

Useful Info

La Casa Gialla
Via Fornaci 86
33080 Prata di Pordenone, Pordenone
Tel. +39 0434 621152

Entrées: 12 — 16 euro
Firt courses: 12 — 16 euro
Main courses: 14 — 20 euro

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