La Subida Country Resort (GO)

by Valentina Scarpa Bandelloni
La Subida Country Resort (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

In the Collio Goriziano, surrounded by woods and vineyards, La Subida is a country resort with many souls: the starred restaurant Trattoria Al Cacciatore, the more informal-style Osteria La Preda, and the houses in the woods, where you can relax immersed in the magic of nature.

La Subida was born from the dream of Josko Sirk who in the 80s took over the family tavern, a few steps from Cormons, and together with his wife Loredana transformed it into a food and wine reference point for the entire Friuli Venezia Giulia region, giving life, firstborn of the resort, to the famous Trattoria Al Cacciatore, one Michelin star since 2007.

Initially born as a refreshment for the guests of the tavern, the houses all around have also grown over the years to create what is now a small village completely immersed in nature and local traditions from which it draws continuous inspiration. Subida is, in fact, the name that derives from the nearby Church of the Subida, famous for the miracle of the crucifix dating back to 1597.

La Subida Country Resort (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

A rural village where you can live nature in peace, a wood in which to wake up while continuing to daydream.

(Sirk family)

Avant-garde of experiential tourism, Josko, Loredana and their children Tanja and Mitja, who now manage the family business, welcome each guest by combining the culinary experience with the discovery of the surrounding area according to the philosophy of slow living.

The hospitality offered by the resort consists of Case and Dimore, all different from each other, real love nests where you can forget the passage of time and regenerate in the name of the history and tradition of the Collio DOC.

Upon arrival in the Sirk world, you enter, in fact, into a fairytale atmosphere, where the true luxury is the silence and privacy in which each room is immersed, pampered by the beneficial energies of the forest that envelops everything.

La Subida Country Resort (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

Not just a home but an entire forest just for you, a magical place where you can find yourself.

(Sirk family)

It is precisely the tradition of the ancient Friulian residences that characterizes the furnishings of the first Case built by Josk, Country, Della Nonna and Bosco, large apartments that can accommodate several people if necessary, whose spaces have been reinterpreted over the years, while maintaining the rustic and intimate style that characterizes them.

According to the “Sirk” hospitality philosophy, tradition is pushed towards the maximum excellence: the Case have, in fact, evolved over the years with the construction of the new Dimore, original sustainable design architectures designed in dialogue with the surrounding nature to allow guests to live the experience of feeling right in the woods.

Thus, the Dell’Acetaia (vinegar cellar) residence was conceived as a meeting point with the Ribolla Gialla vineyards, from which Josk produces his famous Aceto Sirk, and it is characterized by a romantic outdoor tub and a panoramic sauna overlooking the barrels of vinegar. With a minimal and welcoming design, the Delle Chiome residence, where the branches of the trees seem to enter the house offers, instead, a large and suggestive relaxation area with a stand-alone tub overlooking the wild nature that surrounds it.

La Subida Country Resort (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

La Subida also offers two truly unique original experiences, perfect for the summer: the Libreria (library), a small refuge in the woods built in wood and glass where you can enjoy the changing colors of the suggestive surrounding nature, and the room in the Fienile (barn) where, among fragrant bales of hay, you can sleep in a large four-poster bed that looks like something straight out of a fairy tale.

While, to better experience the local culinary art, at La Subida you are just spoiled for choice: from the Trattoria al Cacciatore, fine dining with one Michelin star, to the Osteria La Preda, a more informal environment that also includes a wine shop with 150 labels to choose from with, of course, all the best of the production of the Collio DOC, up to breakfast based on local products that can be served, at your choice, in the restaurant or in the residences.

Upon reservation, the Sirk family can organize many different experiences for you to grasp the true essence of Collio: from taking an al fresco bath in the woods, to romantic dinners also served in unusual places among the unspoiled nature, from picnics by the pool to horseback riding, thanks to the presence inside the Resort of a riding school.

The Secret

At the time of the Cold War, thousands of bunkers were built between the Gulf of Trieste and the Baltic Sea, some of which are still accessible right in the Subida land, where the front line was located. As Josko recounts, the soldiers lived here from 1954 until 1992, sharing these lands with the local population for 40 years.

Useful Info

La Subida Country Resort
Via Subida 52
34071 Cormons, Gorizia
Tel. +39 0481 60531

“Case” and “Dimore” starting from 160 euros per night, excluding breakfast

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