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Osteria della Ribolla (UD)

by Clara Galanti
Osteria della Ribolla (UD) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

With the flavor of an ancient tavern, where rustic atmospheres and noble memories go hand in hand, the Osteria della Ribolla in Corno di Rosazzo is a must-stop where you can savor the best specialties both of the famous Collio area and the Collavini's production.

Located inside the ancient villa of the Counts Zucco-Cuccagna, headquarters of the Collavini winery, the Osteria della Ribolla, beautifully immersed in the vineyards, was created by the noble family with the idea to give life to a place devoted to the most sincere Friulian hospitality.

Originally an informal stop ideal to relax with a good tajut (glass of wine in Friulian) and a traditional dish, today the Osteria della Ribolla has become one of the most renowned places in the Region.

Osteria della Ribolla (UD) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets
Osteria della Ribolla (UD) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

Everyone has really passed through these walls: entrepreneurs, politicians, ambassadors from all over the world. I met hundreds of people and over the years my favorite motto has become: never trust people who don’t drink.

(Alberto Ticozzi, General Manager)

In 2005 Eugenio Collavini asked his trusted cellarman, Alberto Ticozzi, to take over the management of the Osteria and, thanks to his passion and innate sense of hospitality, the Osteria gained more and more acclaim. Alberto began to expand the menu and offer various alternatives to his guests, favoring local products and seasonal delights, and in 2017 the Osteria underwent an expansion that gave it a new kitchen of almost 100 square meters and a larger room for guests.

Dark wood is the dominant element of its truly charming interiors, starting from the entrance where a typical “osteria” counter stands out, surrounded by large tables and memorabilia of all sorts collected over the years. From vintage photos, to portraits of the family’s dachshunds, from poems to works of art donated by customers to the Osteria, up to the tools and ancient wooden presses that were used during the harvest.

Osteria della Ribolla (UD) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

The room boasts a very special atmosphere resulting from the mingling of the antique furnishings, the rustic objects that tell of a long winemaking tradition, and the amusing reproductions of Botero‘s characters parading on the left wall. While on the right one, Eugenio Collavini wanted to set up a series of paintings dedicated to Princess Sissi and the Austro-Hungarian Empire in order to give an “international” touch to the space. At the center of the room, there are the five magnificent wooden barrels used as a partition which give it a truly original character.

In the kitchen, Chef Sasha Klancic, accompanied by a brigade of 4 sous-chefs, offers traditional Friulian dishes with a menu that changes almost every month with the exception of some specialties such as frico cheese, raw ham, cooked salami and the toc’ in braide, an appetizer based on cheese and polenta. During the summer it is also possible to book an outdoor table, under the portico that runs alongside the Osteria.

Osteria della Ribolla (UD) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

The wine list is, of course, made up of all the best of the Collavini’s production: from Ribolla Collavini to the Collio whites, such as Friulian and Chardonnay, up to reds such as Pignolo, Merlot dal Pic or the Refosco Pucino, just to name a few.

This unique place does not owe its name to the company cru, the famous Ribolla Collavini, but to the Count’s faithful German dachshund called, precisely, Ribolla. The Osteria was dedicated to her memory as testify its logo as well as all the wine labels of the company which can be purchased in the dedicated shop located right next to the Osteria.

The Secret

The ancient noble building in which the winery and the Osteria are located is part of the historic Venetian villas. In fact, under the main hall, there are 3 very ancient underground floors where the barriques are kept. Here, accessible only to the family for safety reasons, rest precious wines such as Pignolo, Schioppettino and Merlot Riserva which remain here to refine for 6 years.

Useful Info

Osteria della Ribolla
Via Forum Julii 2
33040 Corno di Rosazzo, Udine
Tel: +39 0432 759753

Starters: 7 — 15 euro
First courses: 11 — 15 euro 
Main courses: 17 — 22 euro

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