Trattoria al Cacciatore (GO)

by Lavinia Colonna Preti
Trattoria al Cacciatore (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

A Michelin star since 2007, the Sirk family's Trattoria al Cacciatore by La Subida interprets the gastronomic tradition of the fascinating Friulian borderlands, guardian of the local arts and a refined "wild cuisine" that has made it known throughout the world.

The history of the Trattoria al Cacciatore restaurant begins in the 80s with Joško Sirk and his wife Loredana who decided to transform the family tavern into a gastronomic point of reference in the area and in particular in the Collio area of Gorizia.

Thus was born the world of La Subida, a name that derives from the nearby Church of Subida, a country resort surrounded by woods and vineyards which today is made up, in addition to the Trattoria, of various souls including the Osteria La Preda, with a more informal style, and the “homes in the woods”, where you can relax immersed in the magic of nature.

Trattoria al Cacciatore (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets
Trattoria al Cacciatore (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

For us the Trattoria is a place where we can feel at home immersed in nature and its flavors that we love to bring to the table.

(Sirk family)

Over the years the restaurant has transformed, with the addition of contemporaneity and technique in the kitchen, receiving the Michelin star in 2007, consolidated year after year thanks to the signature of the chef Alessandro Gavagna and the wonderful hospitality of Joško Sirk’s children, Tanja and Mjtia, who support him in the mission of enhancing the traditions of the territory.

Trattoria al Cacciatore has always been at the forefront of a generous “wild cuisine”, made up of strong flavours, better if eaten raw, and the fruits of a proud border land that has always been dedicated to hunting, but also to the collection of wild herbs, the use of fermentations applied to fruits and algae… in total agreement with nature and its rhythms.

Trattoria al Cacciatore (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

The restaurant is made up of several rooms, each decorated with contributions from artists who evolve over time, without ever losing sight of the roots of the place. At the entrance, in fact, the guest is welcomed by the traditional fogolar, a rustic fireplace always lit and a large convivial table that smells of family reunions and evenings with friends.

In the Hunting Room, the original boiserie is decorated with the animated forest by Stefano Ornella and the dreamlike plants by the sculptor Giorgio Benedetti, while the other two rooms, more rustic, are respectively characterized by walls covered with period paintings with scenes of hunting and wooden tables resting on real tree trunks.

Trattoria al Cacciatore (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

The menu underlines the Sirk family’s bond with the many excellent local supplier friends they use for the raw materials, like D’Osvaldo for the cured meat selection, the oil of the Starec family, the natural flours by Mulino di Bert, the cheeses of the Zoff family and many many more.

Among the dishes, many local recipes revisited with a twist, such as the Deer diced with strawberry grapes and goose foie gras, the Zlikrofi, small tortelli from the Idrija Valley filled with potatoes and chives, roast juice and flakes of old Montasio, and the Veal shank roasted in the old bread oven served at the table with potatoes in the pan.
Among the desserts, the Sirk sorbet and vinegar must absolutely be tasted which, produced in the Sirk vinegar factory inside La Subida, is the only one prepared with the best Collio grapes, the same ones with which its exceptional wines.

Trattoria al Cacciatore (GO) — Friuli Venezia Giulia Secrets

The remarkable list of wines and spirits is an expression of the rich regional production, both in terms of number of producers and depth of vintages, more recently enriched by Mitja Sirk with new projects from Italy and beyond the border.

Trattoria al Cacciatore is truly an experience to have at least once in a lifetime, for many reasons, primarily taste, but also because it is one of the rare restaurants that communicates the soul of a territory through the 5 senses, arriving straight at the heart.

The Secret

One of chef Gavagna’s secrets is spending time with the “grandmas” who are guardians of the gastronomic heritage of the Collio area of Gorizia, a precious knowledge, at risk of disappearing, of which La Subida is the protector and promoter in the world.

Useful Info

Trattoria al Cacciatore
Via Subida 52
34071 Cormons, Gorizia
Tel. +39 0481 60531

Tasting menus: from 75 euro 5 courses, wine pairing 35 euro
Starters: 22 — 28 euro
First courses: 22 euro
Second courses: 35 — 37 euro

Ph. dishes: Valentina Scarpa Bandelloni

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